Our school was founded by the Ursuline Order in 1940 as a school to provide for the poorer children living in this suburb.

Our Motto, Serviam- "I Will Serve" - incorporates our spiritual heritage and the link we continue to have with the Ursuline Order (St Ursula’s College) and the significant contribution the sisters made in the history of Our Lady of Lourdes School.

Our logo incorporates the Ursuline Serviam. St Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursuline Order, believed in the importance of community having unity and harmony of purpose. Significant to the Ursuline Order, the stars on the badge are positioned as the constellation, ‘Little Bear’. The Ursuline Order was founded in Brescia, Italy and Ursula is Latin for ‘little-she-bear’. The ‘Little Bear’ constellation is visible in the northern hemisphere.

Our school motto Serviam is articulated in the manner in which our community conducts their relationships, teaching practices and liturgical celebrations.

Our School Buildings are named after significant people who have influenced our faith development.

  • Hildegarde – Sr Hildegarde Nolan – First Principal of OLOL
  • Merici – St Angela Merici – Foundress of the St Ursuline Order
  • Giabal & Jarowair – Indigenous Groups relative to the Toowoomba Area
  • Quinlan – Reverend Father John Quinlan – Long-serving Parish Priest
  • McMorrow – Father Patrick McMorrow – First Parish Priest of OLOL